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Building Better Neighborhoods Book

Building Better Neighborhoods Book

Minnesota Housing Finance Agency's "Excellence in Housing Design" Award, 2001

A design guide created to help people understand sound design principles for building mixed income neighborhoods. Simple, clearly delineated diagrams illustrate the design strategies for five physical aspects of neighborhood planning: site selection, lots, streets, homes and landscape systems. The strategies in the guide are evaluated according to both cost and value to encourage a balanced approach to planning issues. Over thirty cities have now used this guide as a resource for building thousands of new homes in well-designed neighborhoods throughout Minnesota.

CLIENT: Greater Minnesota Housing Fund

TESTIMONIAL:   "I look forward to learning more about the follow-up activities your materials describe and sincerely hope that the document can be distributed on a national scale. You have done a service for Minnesota... simply stated, it is the best work of its kind that I have seen produced to date." - Henry Cisneros Chairman and CEO, American City Vista Former Secretary of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development